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Everything You Need to Know

Our mission at LCA Performing Arts is to create an environment that nurtures students’ talents and helps them achieve their personal goals. We believe in creating a cooperative and socially amiable atmosphere that promotes artists' collaboration and social affability. We encourage students to widen their horizons and try different dancing genres from Ballet to Hip Hop and Break. The possibilities – when you enroll in LCA – are endless since we specialize not only in singing, acting, and dancing for musical theatre, movies, and television, but also in martial arts and acrobatics.
Furthermore, we strive to instill self-discipline, confidence, and an affinity towards image building in our students that makes them keen on adopting plausible work ethics. Based in Miami, our academy is eager to produce multi-talented performers whose talents are cultivated under the guidance of our experienced and skilled instructors.
Our teaching staff and programs can not only cater to raw talents, but they can also help skilled performers reach their maximum potential by enrolling in master-level classes.
Whatever personal goal you may have in your mind as a performer, LCA can definitely help you achieve it!

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